Bel Colle

Bel Colle is a leading Barolo producer established 45 years ago by brothers, Franco Pontiglione, Carlo Pontiglione and Giuseppe Priola. Their Monvigliero vineyard has been considered as one of the best locations for producing Barolo wines. Their vineyard is a natural amphitheatre, well-suited for the production of a Barolo, also known as the “king of wines and wine of kings”. Their award-winning Barolo is very fragranced and delicate, with a balanced body and soft tannins.

Bel Colle’s flagship Barolo “Monvigliero” and “Symposium” have been well-reviewed by international wine critics and journals, including Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and Gambero Rosso, Merum and Decanter Awards.

Today, the cellar is led by winemakers Luca Bosio and Mario Albrito. In 2015, Bel Colle became part of the Bosio Family Estates group. The Bosio family has been producing wines for four generations. Their family motto is to preserve the local wine production and customs, while ensuring that their wines are enjoyed by an international audience.

Top Barolo producer

Their signature Barolo D.O.C.G. “Monvigliero” wine grows in the vineyards from one of the best areas of Verduno, located in Barolo villages at 200 - 300 ft. above sea level. The average age of the vines is 50 years old and are grown on a southern exposure in calcareous clay soils at a density of about 5,000 plants per hectare. The Barolo tastes elegant, dry, intense, robust but velvety and harmonic.

Borgo Castagni is synonymous with Bel Colle. In fact, the wine cellar stands in this locality which joins both Verduno and La Morra. They are household vineyards where the vegetative production is controlled and monitored daily by Belle Colle from pruning to gathering.


Bel Colle practices sustainable winemaking with manual harvesting, slow pressing of the grape cluster and balanced maceration. Each phase aims to store and transmit, in whole, the balance and harmony of the grapes into the bottle all the way to the glass.

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