Cascina Delle Rose

Cascina Delle Rose is a family-owned, artisanal, organic vineyard located in one of best crus in Barbaresco. Their flagship Tre Stelle and Rio Sordo Barbaresco are well-reviewed by wine critics and wine connoisseurs globally.

With only a limited yearly production of their elegant Barbaresco, also known as the “queen” of Italian wines”, they are highly sought after by discerning wine lovers.

Giovanna Rizzolio was one of the few pioneer female wine-makers in Langhe. Today, the estate is run by her sons, Davide and Riccordo, together with her husband Italo Sobrino and herself.

This inter-generation vineyard produces some of the world’s finest traditional Barbarescos. Their Barbarescos are expressive and silky with well-balanced tannins and notes of roses, ripe plum, licorice, tobacco and chocolate. They have also consistently achieved top accolades amongst wine critics and journals including Gambero Rosso, Wine Enthusiast, Wine Spectator.

Leading Barbaresco producer

With their family’s focus on tradition and respect for terroir, their harvest is always done manually and carefully. Their Barbarescos are aged in big Slavonian oak casks for approximately 20 months. After the ageing process in wooden casks, the wines would also spend some time in the bottles before they are released for sale.


Sustainability is a key priority for Cascina Delle Rose. They adhere to the standards of Community European for sustainable agriculture to ensure that they have low environmental impact.

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