Castellani Michele & Figli

Castellani Michele & Figli is a world-renowned, family owned, artisanal Amarone producer for over 60 years. From a small “workshop”, founder Michele transformed his passion for wine-making to create a state-of -the art winery which produces some of the best Amarones. Today, their Amarones are enjoyed by discerning wine lovers around the globe.


Sergio Castellani and his wife Maria, run the wine business and every stage of the wine production process, together with their children Michele, Martina and Mara.



This inter-generation vineyard produces some of the world’s finest Amarones. Their flagship Cinque Stelle Amarones are smooth with well-balanced tannins, oak overtones and black fruit notes. They have consistently achieved top accolades amongst wine critics including Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast.


Top Amarone producer

Castellani Michele owns 40 hectares of directly owned and grown vineyards in the hillside area of the Valpolicella Classica. Their well-known Ca del Pipa and Castei vineyards, located at the top of the winery (and a new vineyard at Maso) are planted to the classic Valpolicella varietals and offer ideal exposure, constant ventilation, soils with a well-balanced composition both in terms of nutrients and draining capacity.


This family-owned vineyard’s commitment to produce the best wines are reflected by their attention to detail from the selection and harvest of grapes, vinification, drying, and ageing of the Valpolicella wines.



Sustainability is a key priority for Castellani Michele.

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