Corte Adami

Corte Adami is a leading, family owned, artisanal Amarone producer. For generations, the Adami family has been producing fine wines before launching their own wine label in 2002.


Founders Angelo and Andrea decided to bring years of wine making tradition expertise into producing their own Amarones since 2002.



Today, their Amarones are produced in limited quantities, with only the best grapes used for their wines. This inter-generation vineyard produces some of the world’s finest Amarones, enjoyed by wine enthusiasts globally.




Their flagship Amarone is elegant, smooth, with black fruit notes and oaky overtones. They have consistently achieved top accolades amongst wine critics including Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast.


Leading Amarone producer

Corte Adami owns 40 hectares of vineyards in the Eastern Valpolicella Classica and Soave area. Their Valpolicella vines are an average of 20 years old, with soils that are rich in clay and limestone.


This family-owned vineyard’s commitment to produce the best wines are reflected by their attention to detail from the selection and harvest of grapes, vinification, drying, and ageing of the Valpolicella wines.



Sustainability is a key priority for Corte Adami.

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