Massimago is a top organic Amarone producer helmed by next generation female wine entrepreneur Camilla. This organic vineyard has enjoyed a strong heritage since 1883, with its family property CRU in Valpolicella.

Under Camilla’s leadership, their wines have been enjoyed by 11,500 wine lovers yearly and across fine dining establishments in Europe and the US. Their flagship Amarones have clinched numerous international wine accolades, including their newer range of Portrait series “by millennials for millennials”.

They are an artisanal luxury wine company which has successfully profiled Amarone as a niche, premium wine around the world. With a philosophy on organic growing and sustainability, Massimago was the first organic single estate winery in Mezzane valley.

Top Amarone producer

Massimago constantly innovates with technology while upholding the family’s commitment to tradition and respect for the territory. The Massimago range are their flagship vintages–territorial, top “appassimento” grapes wine. The Amarone Massimago is premium wine from the best selected grapes, with 4 years of vinification. Their newer range of Conte Gastone Amarone produced “by millennials for millennials” has a smooth velvety palate with flavours of red cherries and plum.

The Valpolicella Superiore Profasio is a top appassimento, grapes wine from a unique parcel called “Profasio cru” while the Valpolicella DOC is an authentic expression territory made from fresh native grapes of Massimago estate.

The vineyard also uses limited machinery to ensure that the entire process - from growing to harvest, every passage is handmade.


Massimago has been practicing 100% organic farming since 2008. Every fertilizer and synthetic spray treatment is eliminated. With a complete solar panel system: 80% of the electricity consumption of any machinery is reduced. They also have the 1st winery building zero-impact grapes drying warehouse.

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