Valentina Cubi

Valentina Cubi is an organic, family-owned artisanal Amarone producer. With a rich history in the wine business since the 19th century, Giancarlo and his wife Valentina launched their wine company in 1970.


With sustainability at the core of Valentina Cubi’s DNA, the vineyard produces some of the best tasting Amarones. Their first organic flagship Morar Amarone was launched in 2010, with smooth oak and dark fruit notes. Since 2014, the entire estate has been organic certified.  


Their Amarones have been well-received by wine lovers, and they have clinched top accolades in numerous international wine competitions and wine publications including Wine Advocate-Parker, Wine Enthusiast, Wine Decanter Awards, Bibenda Guide.

Top Amarone producer

Today, the vineyard consists of approximately 13 hectares in the best crus (Monte Tenda, Monte Crosetta, Rasso) in Valpolicella.


As wine craftsmen, they produce wines exclusively from their grapes, hand-harvested by a skillful team with only the best wines being placed on the market.

One of their flagship wines is the Morar Amarone. The Morar Amarone would be refined for three years in wooden barrels and spend several years in bottles, before they are released into the market.   


Their vineyards are the most valued assets of this company and only organic agronomic techniques are applied to them. In the vineyards, only vegetal compost, are used. In the autumn, graminacea, such as wild oats, are planted to help to aerate the soil and increase micro organic activity, while at the same time reduce the soil’s nitrogen content. By reducing the soil’s nitrogen content, this would decrease the vine’s susceptibility to disease.

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